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Feb 20, 2013 2:30pm PST
-- >> the spanish prime minister says his economy is on the road to recovery. >> violent protests erupt against austerity in bulgaria, forcing the government to resign. >> and wide-board cameras are capturing more than usual in russia -- why dashboard cameras are capturing. it is tough times for spain battling its crippling economic crisis, and to make matters worse, many spanish politicians who are supposed to be leading the country out of the crisis are themselves the target of corruption allegations. >> even spain's prime minister has been implicated, but at his state of the nation address, he skirted the issue, instead playing up economic improvements and announcing a new tough line against corruption. >> it is his first state of the nation address, and it comes at a tough time -- his party is embroiled in a slush fund scandal. but he went on the attack, calling for cross-party support for anti-corruption drive. >> corruption is a problem that alarms the people and affects the image of spain. all corruption is unbearable. it is corrosive for civic spirit. it injures democracy
Feb 22, 2013 6:30pm PST
which use the common currency. >> as economies weaken further in many eu nations, millions of people are expected to lose jobs at a time when there's already record unemployment in europe. >> the european commission' says signs of europe's economy is bottoming out. >> sons this year is that there will be zero growth in the european union. ben and the dismal picture is having a negative impact on government finances. many european countries are likely to have higher deficits this year than had been expected. that applies to france, the u.'s second-biggest economy. new borrowing is expected to be well over the target of 3% of gdp. the ecb says france must get its deficit down. >> i believe it is in france's interest to stick to the target of a balanced budget in the medium term. only if the budget is balanced is there any room for maneuver during an economic downturn. >> de e you expect france to see growth this year of just the 0.1%. like the eu as a whole, it is not expected to see growth above 1% until 2014. >> despite all the bad news from the eurozone, german businesses think the
Feb 19, 2013 2:30pm PST
parliament as well. >> the outlook is brightening for europe's biggest economy. investor sentiment in germany has surged to a three-year high. >> the index is one of the most closely watched investor confidence surveys. it pulls germany's top 300 financial analysts and is being taken as another sign that the german economy could rebound quickly from a sharp slowdown at the end of last year. on today's market action. german blue chips rallied tuesday to lock in solid gains for the second day running. all correspondence sent us this summary of the trading session in frankfurt. >> for the first time in weeks, traders had a reason to be happy again. stronger than expected zew investor sentiment was even welcomed with applause. after the heavy growth decline in winter, the data indicate a strong comeback of the german economy, driving up the european markets, but the euro was lagging behind because currency traders are already worried ahead of the election, which will take place on sunday. there was high demand for cars shares despite the record low of overall european car sales in janu
Feb 15, 2013 6:30pm PST
the challenging circumstances with regards to the economy capital markets. the situation in the banking sector as a whole will remain difficult. >> shareholders will not be getting a dividend, but german taxpayers are seeing their investment pay off. commerzbank is handing over some 150 million euros in interest payments on the government bailout. >> as you might expect, results were a big topic on the markets in germany. despite those losses, shares made gains in frankfurt. >> shareholders now might really think that all bad stories that could have been told already have been. now it is time for recovery. this is why shares were up. investors were hoping that the bank will be able to earn money again, also because of the fact that the markets at the moment look more friendly. this makes it easier for banks to survive. the market in general today did not look too well after trying to get into positive territory. the dax went down, and traders said it was because of economic concerns, not only in germany and europe, but also in the u.s. >> we can take a quick look at the markets
Feb 21, 2013 6:30pm PST
germany, it is more than technical innovation in the old economy. it is comprehensive, includes the rule of law. includes a critical civil society, includes freedom of expression, includes fighting against corruption, so the door is open. we offer to russia this kind of cooperation, and our partner is not exclusively the kremlin. it is the totality of the russian society. >> that was the german government's commissioner for russia. >> hospitals in germany run by the catholic church may now prescribed emergency contraception to rape victims. this change follows a shocking recent case in which two catholic hospitals refused to treat a rape victim. the new policy was announced at the regular spring meeting of the german bishops' conference. catholic hospitals now have the leeway to describe a type of morning after pill that impedes contraception. -- concepcion, rather. drugs that would abort or dislodge a fertilized egg to remain taboo. >> let's talk about the implications of this change. people in our religious affairs correspondent. how significant is this move by germany's catholic
Feb 18, 2013 6:30pm PST
others in focus of the economy recovering. the german recovery in a modest pace. >> the dax finished up by nearly .5%. eurostoxx 50 up just a bit. the euro trading slightly higher, $1.3350. venezuelan president hugo chavez has made a surprising return of from cuba where he had another surgery for cancer and treatment. but she had not been seen since undergoing a fourth operation last december. his supporters turned out in numbers to welcome him back home. >> celebration on the streets of caracas. they're coming out to show their joy of the president's return. >> welcome back to venezuela. >> we love you. there is an entire population and that will support new always. >> it to the speculation to rest, he released these pictures showing him with his daughters. he appears alert and in good spirits. they broadcast messages from members of the government will commingle leader back. he told them that the president was in good condition but would be continuing his cancer treatment. supporters gathered in front of the hospital where he is being treated. despite enthusiasm and his re
Feb 15, 2013 5:30pm PST
nations to cut interest rates and boost money supply. leaders of imagined economies say they think leaders of industrialized nations are trying to manipulate exchange rates, thus boosting exports. the chiefs agreed they should not compete to devalue their currencies. japan's finest minister said the official said no major disagreements. >> translator: some people have used the term "currency war" in connection with monetary easing and foreign exchange policies. but i think most participants agreed it's an exaggeration. >> general leaders have voiced concern over japan's monetary easing. they met with the finance minister to try to get his understanding. is. >>> north korea's nuclear test drew stunned reactions from japan's neighbors. they denounced the test. they're getting ready to impose new sanctions. north korea hit back with their own denunciation. the agency criticized japan in a commentary. it accused the japanese of using the nuclear test as a reason to mill tarrize their country in partnership with the united states. they said the japanese are trying to gain by making fals
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)